April 24, 2019

Black Eyes – Tara Bootcamp Month 3

Perhaps in this case it’s the “being considerate” experiment that really shouldn’t be repeated! Sorry husband – it seems like you’ll probably be better off in a home! I will come and visit you (If I remember)!

Tantrums and Taras – Bootcamp week 7

I gave him what for and used language no self-respecting mother would ever use. He managed it – he won – he brought me down to his level!

Sex Therapy – Tara Bootcamp Week 6

There were three reasons within the space of about 20 minutes yesterday that I was thankful to Spencer – the God of bootcamp for what he has been doing with me over the last few weeks.

Family Business – Tara Bootcamp Week 5

Despite being 35!, married for 20 years (I’ve never been that great at maths) and having four kids of my own, when I walk into a Directors Meeting in my high heals and tweed suit I feel sure my mother and brothers still see a naive young girl in a white shirt, mucky blazer, tie and a belt for a skirt (along with a little bit of attitude)!

Naked Women – Tara Bootcamp Week 4

“Why would I want to pay to go and see old women naked – I get that at home every night for free!” – Said my husband!

Box His Head Off – Tara & Bootcamp Week 3

This boxing thing is really quite good. I’m getting fit at the same time as ding something with all that aggression. I never thought I was a violent person but I really feel good after pounding the bag for a bit.