September 27, 2016

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Just in case you didn’t already know, Friday the 8th of March marks the 102nd International Women’s Day. At Langtry Manor, we are advocates of anything which celebrates the hard work and achievements of women. Our very own Tara Howard founded the Venus Business Women Awards in 2009, which commend local women for their contribution to local businesses. The Awards have grown organically, and now also take place in many other regions around the country. With fourteen categories including Business Mother of the Year, Home Business Award and Employee of the Year, the Awards cover every aspect of professional and personal achievement.

Nominations for the various awards have been coming in thick and fast. Tara felt it would be appropriate for the closing date to fall on International Women’s Day, as the sentiment behind the both events is closely related. International Women’s Day stands for the need for equality in a modern progressive world. The Awards were set up to give due credit to women in business who can sometimes be overlooked and undervalued.

Speaking about the Awards, Tara commented, “International Women’s Day is a perfect day to show the women in your life that you appreciate them by nominating them for an award. It takes just five minutes and makes a real difference.” If you have a special woman in mind, there is still time to nominate. Go to before entries close at midnight tomorrow. At present there are 1229 events taking place worldwide as part of International Women’s Day; making a nomination is a great way of getting involved in this positive cause.