September 26, 2016

Celebrating 35 successful years

The years have flown by, as we find ourselves celebrating our 35th year here at Langtry Manor. We have been reminiscing about the history of the hotel and its inhabitants, looking back at photos from the era and admiring the styles of the time.

A far cry from the likes of twiggy Kate Moss and Amazonian Naomi Campbell, idols from the late 1800’s were curvaceous, feminine and wonderfully demure. Our very own Lillie Langtry was considered a great beauty of her era, and countless women attempted to emulate her graceful style and dress sense.

Edwardian dresses were full and long, with a bustle at the back creating a much sought after S-shaped silhouette. Ruffles, frills, ribbons and tiered skirts were at the height of fashion, as was the fuller bust! (Some things never change). Edwardian men generally stuck to tail coats, morning coats, frock coats and waistcoats with neck ties and top hats. Beards and full moustaches were also very popular, as modelled by King Edward VII himself.


We will be running a number of special offers over the coming year to commemorate our 35th Anniversary. Including a fun packed Celebration Weekend from the 2nd – 4th  November.Those who have previously enjoyed our 6 course Edwardian Banquet will remember that staff dress in traditional maids costumes from the era. Well, for one weekend only, guests will have the opportunity to join us and turn back the clock to the late 1800’s donning Edwardian costumes fit for a King (or his lover).


Call (01202) 290550 if you would like more information about our celebration weekend, or any of our other exciting Anniversary offers.